What about a Development tool à la Lotus Designer


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle | Posted on 09-12-2005

Is there any Oracle extension or a development tool for Oracle that works the same way as Lotus Designer.
Basically, a tool that allows the quick setup of an interface with views on the left pane and a list of documents (records) on the right side. Actions in this case will be related to triggers.
This can be done with Oracle Forms but it is quite tedious. Did anyone come across such a tool ?
I am aware of most of the Oracle development tools (Oracle Designer-Forms- HTML DB etc …) but I still did not come across such a tool.
Most likely, JDeveloper will allow such a setup but this will require a significant programming load.
Lotus notes is amazing as far as the presentation of data is concerned. Anyone with a basic understanding of document management can quicly setup a visual interface that can present the data within the documents in a very easy to understand format. What is most important is that the end user can quickly start working on the documents within the Notes database.
Oracle still does not have this capability as far as I know and if anyone can point to a similar tool, it would help a lot.

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