Jotspot wiki and its relation to Lotus Notes


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Other tools | Posted on 21-11-2006

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up with because I was interested in using a wiki to manage my daily IT chores.

Jotspot was highly praised by several columnists and since there was a free plan, I started using it right away to manage the daily calls (actually the emails I receive on my business account).

Because I needed to modify one of the functionalities in the daily calls app, I was pleasantly surprised that it was really easy to make changes to the way the app behaves.

But what really struck me was the model behind Jotspot: everything there was just a wiki page and fields, views etc can be added rather quickly. The API behind jotspot will let you do that in a straightforward way.

As I started looking into some of the apps on this platform, I saw the similarity with Lotus Notes where everything is a database, which is itself a collection of documents.

So, my previous post on Lotus Notes was right on target. Jotspot was able to bring similar functionalities using the wiki concept.

About a week after I signed up, Google announced that it was acquiring Jotspot. No need to explain why but if you worked with Lotus Notes, you see how Jotspot is going to fit within Google strategy.

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