Update on the Openbravo ERP project


Posted by Hafed Benteftifa | Posted in Other tools | Posted on 04-04-2007

Unfortunately, the ERP project that was scheduled to be rolled out in a major institution in Algeria was cancelled at the last minute (2 days before the roll out). No reasons were given for the cancellation but from the news I got, there was a shakeup at the highest level.

This is not unusual with Algerian companies as most of them work without any planning and decisions are most of the time taken without any rational thoughts.

While I knew this could happen when I got involved with the project, I did not expect that it could end this way. There were many things I learned, both on a technical and human level. The most important one is that I was able to customize Openbravo for the Algerian market. I was able to prepare a number of tutorials related to the various modules.

The Openbravo team cited those presentations on their blog (see www.openbravo.com).

Unfortunately and because of other commitments, I can not continue working on Openbravo for the time being.

If there is another interest with this excellent ERP, I will gladly carry on.