Sharing documents between Notes databases


Posted by Hafed Benteftifa | Posted in Other tools | Posted on 17-04-2008

With Lotus Notes, you can be very productive if you know how to store your information. In my case, I have a library database (with a number of categories) which always open. I use it to jot down any information I may encounter during my workday.

Recently, I came across on a very smart Notes application Share documents
on Alan Lepofsky Notes blog. Basically, it will let you send any DB link from notes databases to a designated database.

In my case, I am now using it to send important emails, the ones that I may otherwise tag, to this library database.

It is very efficient and will really prove useful.

Blog was down for two days


Posted by Hafed Benteftifa | Posted in personal | Posted on 17-04-2008

The website got hacked during the week-end. Some silly morrocan jerks deleted the files from the server. I had to restore from backup.

Really don’t understand the motives for doing this (apart for phishing-keylogging etc…) but this jerk can’t even use HTML.

Anyway, just wasted a couple of hours for nothing.