Oracle forms migration from 6i to 10g- Introducing MouliForms


Posted by Hafed Benteftifa | Posted in Forms, oracle | Posted on 24-05-2008

I am curently involved in a major migration project with around 1000 forms and 500 reports. Built using Designer 6i and maintained thru the years using forms builder 6i, it has been decided to migrate the whole application to oracle 10g.

During the last month or so, I wrote a JAVA application that does the migration based on the JDAPI package. In the coming days, I will present some of the stuff that I went thru and how I managed to build MOULIFORMS.

Here are the current features:
-Migration of forms from 6i to 10g. Close to 90% automated migration.
-All the new features implemented with WEBUTIL are either flagged or switched at the code level.
-Search and replace capability: I used the JAVA Regex package.
-Batch mode: compile, replace, migration.
-Report calls modified at the code level (RUN_PRODUCT to RUN_REPORT_OBJECT).
-Forms compare: before and after in a tree like fashion. Useful to see what has changed.
-Full Reports for outputs: HTML, CSV, PDF, Excel summary reports.
-Use of Log4j for various developer level reports (debugging-info etc.)
-Full JAVA Swing interface with switchable French-English interface.

There are still some bugs mainly related to the interface but Mouliforms does the job and I am really impressed by the JDAPI package.

I don’t know whether I should release Mouliforms as open-source. I already spent close to 150 hours designing it.

Next step: I will post some screenshots of mouliforms in action.