Day 3 of the migration from Forms 6 to Forms 10g


Posted by Hafed Benteftifa | Posted in Forms, oracle | Posted on 17-07-2008

Now that all the developers workstations are setup, we have started putting MouliForms through its paces.
We already started seeing some unexpected results. First, some items do have their prompts in non-standard fonts such as Arial Narrow. In this case, I added some search and replace rules for font name and size. Whenever one is found matching these fonts, we do replace them with Arial. In the case of Arial Narrow size 12, the best match was chosen to be Arial 10.

After few tries, we discovered that some boileplate text items were also set to these non standard fonts.
Another rule was added to MouliForms, namely search and replace for graphics Text. The same font correspondence was chosen.

Additional runs showed that synchronized items were giving compilation warnings. After checking the log results, it was discovered that maximum length and length query length were responsible for these warnings.

While MouliForms was checking for synchronized items, a minor oversight was discovered.
Whenever these properties were sub-classed, MouliForms would not set the properties values to the those by default.
In Forms 10g, those values are matched to the synchronized item and they should not be set.

So, these two additional rules were added to MouliForms and as expected the FMBs in question are now compiling without any problems. However, tests showed that the length query is not working on the synchronized items. We need to check that and find out why it is not working as expected.

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