Day 5 of the Forms migration


Posted by Hafed Benteftifa | Posted in oracle | Posted on 19-07-2008

One of our developers raised the question about finding specific strings within our Reports. For example, we might have to check whether a query has schema name used in building up the query. That can be a problem if we need to move the tables to another container (this will break the query since the schema name reference is no longer valid).

So we might be looking at searching strings such as: INVENTORY. or RESOURCES. etc…

But since we have more than 500 reports, it was suggested that this should be done in a batch manner. Given that Oracle Reports does not have an API similar to JDAPI for Oracle Forms, I looked at another option suggested by others (AMIS among others). This one involves converting the report from rdf format to XML, parse the DOM model and do some regexing (search and replace) and then convert back to rdf.

So I whipped up a small JAVA class to MouliForms in order to check the validity of this approach on a number of reports stored in a temp folder. It did the job as expected but I need to do some additional testing in week 2.

But as it stands, things are looking good at the end of week 1.

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