Week2 – Migrating a mission-critical Oracle Forms 6 application


Posted by Hafed Benteftifa | Posted in Forms, oracle | Posted on 27-07-2008

Here we are at the end of the second week in the migration of a mission-critical Oracle Forms 6 application. The main points we dealt with are:

  • AIX file transfert and compile processes
  • LOV visual appearance (differences between 6 and 10g)
  • Report rdf structure search in a batch mode from a keyword-based file

There is an outstanding point that I will be dealing with this coming week. Basically, our users are trained to submit reports thru submission screens. On those, we have on the forms 6 version, options for screen and print outputs. The print option will send the report straight to the local or network printer for that specific user while the screen option will first show a preview (can also be a pdf) before the user opts either for a printout or one of the options available to her/him.

However, on oracle forms 10g, reports are processed thru the application server report server. So,our developers thought about having only a preview version as PDF sent to the user’s screen. One of our top guys suggested whether we can redirect the report server output straight to the user’s local printer (or the network one) without first displaying a preview.

In the coming weeks, we will be going thru testing  the sub-applications from the functional point of  view. As far as the visual appearance is concerned, the testers came out with a number of points. I will be updating MouliForms so that these concerns are rolled out across the application in a straightforward manner.

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Hey hi!

I have a small question here. We are planning to migrate the forms version from 6i to 10g. The forms are deployed on HP-UX.

What I have done is tried to compile a form built in 6i using Forms Builder 10g. I get the FRM-30162 error.

The problem is I have one Horizontal TOOLBAR that is being used by multiple windows, including the base window (the window that contains the form when it is invoked the first time). There are multiple windows in the form.

Is there any known work-around for this? Any guidance/help will be highly appreciated!


I would check the main canvas and the toolbar inheritance. Seems that you are missing something when you compile the module in Oracle 10g.


I was reading your articles in your web-site and was wondering if we could get “MouliForms” as open-source or for a fee (how much ?) ?

We want to convert our current application (~ 350 forms & 150 reports) and it seems that “MouliForms” could be a helpful tool.

Hi Lewis,

I will send you an email regarding MouliForms. Migration is a complex project and I would like to know how you intend to use MouliForms. There are a number of modules there but the ones that have been used fully in our migration are the Conversion and Search modules.

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