WebUtil to the rescue: how to maintain client-side functionalities.


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle | Posted on 23-08-2008

Now that we have crossed the midway phase in our conversion phase, we started the evaluation of all the client side functionalities we used to have in our application. Fortunately, in Forms 10g, webutil comes already pre-installed.

There are a number of steps that needs to be done so as to make webutil fully functional. I outlined these points in the following paper . It is important to note that this setup is valid for a developer using his machine as both for development and testing, i.e OC4j is installed on his own machine. For a setup on the application server (OAS), the steps are identical but the paths will be slightly different depending on the platform (windows or UNIX).

Once webutil is fully setup, the same functionalities that are available in C/S will be possible in a web environment.

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Superb & systematic approach . it’s real breath taking

i will be very glad if you come up with html base for forms so that they can run on
any plateform

Thanks. I did not understand the HTML base for Forms part ! What do you mean by that ?
Edit: Sorry, I now understand that you mean the html files needed to start the form modules.
Yes, one could work out a universal solution for those files :)

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