Why you need a bugtracking system during an oracle Forms migration.


Posted by Hafed Benteftifa | Posted in Forms, oracle | Posted on 02-08-2008

Any software under development should have at least two essential systems, namely a source control system and a bugtacking system.

When we planned our migration, we did include a source control based on subversion but a bugtracking system was really not thought of. While we planned on using MouliForms as our migration tool, we did not envision that we also needed to track bugs within MouliForms and our application as well.

However, as soon as we started the migration, we saw a number of issues arise. Some dealt with the visual aspects of the Oracle Forms modules under 10g from their version in 6i. Others had to do with the way the report calls were made under 6i and were no longer adapted to 10g. The rest of the bugs were essentially features within MouliForms that could be either improved or corrected for minor bugs.

At this point, testers were emailing back and forth their results and it soon became obvious that we had to have a bug tracking system in place.

The main systems that I thought are adapted to our needs are: MANTIS and TRAC.

While TRAC is the system of choice for many, even the people at SUN where it was singled out as the ideal bug tracking system, it does require a full setup with Python and some other required modules. Main advantage is that TRAC can be interfaced with Subversion and has a Wiki module.

However, I selected MANTIS as our bug tracking system for a very simple reason and that is it can be setup on a LAMP server in about 10 min. That is the time it took me from download to a full working bug tracking system (including the APACHE, PHP and MYSQL setup). All I had to do from there is allow specific IP’s to access the Mantis URL and create accounts for our testers (with the developer roles on Mantis).

On a lighter note, the system was codenamed BibiTrac. In French canadian (quebecois) Bibites means Bugs or mosquitoes and Trac is short for tracking.

Since it was installed about 2 weeks ago, all bug reporting as well as feature requests are now made through BibiTrac and it has simplified to a large degree the initial test phase.

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And even easier solution to meet your Bug Tracking needs can be found within the Oracle Application Express Packaged Applications (http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/application_express/packaged_apps/packaged_apps.html). Once you have APEX installed then downloading and installing the packaged application takes approximately 5 minutes. You then have the source code and can easily enhance our point solution to meet your specific requirements.


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