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One of my students recently asked me a question relating to how he can make himself valuable compared to other job applicants.

While I could have answered him with one of those pre-packaged all-purpose answer, I really thought about how I myself manage to keep my knowledge up to date.

I do not pretend to be superman but I think that I have the ability to get involved in interesting projects and most important provide the best (working at least) solutions.

Thinking about it, I do not believe that it is due solely to my own personal abilities but more because of the interactions I have with others on a daily basis.

So, I outline in the following the steps I follow in a typical workday. Please bear in mind that the info that follows is geared more toward Oracle Forms but is quite relevant if you work with different platforms, languages, environments, etc…

  • Know who the major and important contributors in your field are and where to find them. In my case, Oracle OTN is the place to be and I make sure to check the Oracle Forms and Reports Forums first thing in the morning. I glance at the current topics and see who posted the topics. While there are a number of experts, those to watch out are Francois Degrelle, Steve Cosner, Tony Garabedian, RajeshAlex and Andreas Weiden.

As a side note, I am quite amazed to see that current practicing forms developers do not even know about the OTN forum. On another level, I also found some quite interesting solutions on ORAFAQ.

  • Check the Forms and Reports OTN pages at least once a week. There might be some news of interest there.
  • Download JCreator LE and start experimenting with PJCs and Javabeans. If you migrate to Oracle 10g, javabeans will provide you with new ways to extend Forms functionalities. You will be amazed what you can do with javabeans.

As a side note, don’t take anything for granted. While Oracle Forms is still here and is very productive, nothing forbids you from learning JAVA or .NET. I myself choose JAVA for some reasons and is quite happy with it. That’s just one more thing in my bag.

  • Try to take time to understand the new Forms architecture. You will save yourself some valuable time when working with Forms 10g if you understand how Forms calls are processed.
  • Do Google for Oracle forms keywords from time to time. You might come up with interesting results.
  • Last but not least, be interested in other platforms, languages and environments. Almost every week, I check for the latest in development trends and there are quite interesting stuff over there to check. For example, I have done quite some work with WordPress, PHP, mysql and ruby on rails based on the tutorials I found from links posted on dzone.
    While I won’t consider myself a PHP or RoR developer , I can say that I know how to get around with them.

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