Static Google Map image Javabean in Oracle Forms 10g


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 30-12-2008

Here is an output for a Javabean that shows the image from a Static Google Map.

Static Google Map Javabean output-Oracle forms 10g

The example shown here is for the google headquarters. The user inputs the address info in the Forms module and the Javabean takes care of fetching the data from Google Maps.

The process is done in two steps. First step is converting the address into Latitude and longitude (HTTP Geocoding) and then the static map is obtained from Google based on this info.

I will post the javabean here very soon.

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Comments (4)

I am new to 10g forms. How do we add google map to forms 10g.

Hi Hafed,
its nice work.
its working on different map services?

Hi Hafed,

Is the static google map javabean available for download?

Hi Hafed
I want to use this bean for my project.But I got the
Error: :access denied ( resolve)

How to solve this?


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