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Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 16-01-2009

Here is another dashboard styled bean that can be used in BI screens. While it can be used for this specific purpose, it can be used in other areas as well.

Dashboard style bean

The screenshot above shows the bean with the value that is set from the Forms canvas. This can also be fetched from a table and triggered by the Timer bean for example.

The current value displayed by the bean can be retrieved using the Forms custom item built-in.

A number of properties have been included with this bean in order to allow specific customization to be carried out by developers. Future versions will include other properties that will enhance the graphic aesthetics.

Download bean, FMB, technical note and source code

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Comments (7)

Hi Hafed,

this is brilliant, exactly what I was looking for.
I’m eagerly looking out for future releases in this area.


Hi Theo,

I have 3 more coming out in a few days.

I am having a bit of a problem with this gauge jar. When I have the java console up while opening the form that has this gauge it says Illegal attempt to set color value. The first time that the form is opened it shows the gauges with the correct color scheme. However, if I reopen this same form it shows the gauges with white back grounds instead of black. Any suggestions? I am running this on an 11g weblogic server.

Hi Sir,
Great work.
But Iam looking for a gauge with indicator(like needle in a speedometer) .and the colors predefined from red to yellow to green .
Can you provide that too..

Appreciate the work again.

Hi Sir,
The gauge is working prefect.
But Iam looking for a gauge with predefined colors set from red,yellow,green and having an indicator(needle) that moves according to the value.
I’m eagerly looking out for the advanced feature.

Thanks and Regards,

How do I modify the java file .


I strongly suggest for however interested in dashboard/charts in oracle forms to use Javafx components.
its features are too much stronger than user made javabeans
you may check this clip to discover:

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