Gauge with thermometer style display- Javabean for Oracle Forms 9i-10g


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Increasingly, power users are requiring more and more info in a manageable form. This is the case with dashboards and financial screens.

There are already a number of javabeans that can be quickly deployed with Oracle Forms 10g and the PJC depot at lists a number of very useful beans. On OTN, you can also download a number of beans and the BIgraph bean is one of them and provides a number of charts.

While there are other visual display beans designed with the JAVA community in mind, only a few are available for Oracle Forms users.

In attempt to alleviate this problem, we propose a basic bean that is styled like a thermometer. While it can be used for this specific purpose, it can be used in other areas as well.

thermometer bean

The screenshot above shows the bean with the value that is set from the Forms canvas. This can also be fetched from a table and triggered by the Timer bean for example.

The current value displayed by the bean can be retrieved using the Forms custom item built-in.

A number of properties have been included with this bean in order to allow specific customization to be carried out by developers. Future versions will include other properties that will enhance the graphic aesthetics.

Download bean, FMB, technical note and source code

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It’s nice and works fine, but I would like to click on this bean. I’ve tried to use a lot of triggers, for example, WHEN-MOUSE-CLICK or WHEN-MOUSE-DOWN, but they didn’t work.
Is it possible to solve the click?

@noky: This gauge is for displaying data ONLY. You can not set any values by clicking on it. Hoewver, there should be another version in the near future where you can set the values by clicking and then dragging on the scale. Unfortunately, I am too busy right now with FRITE and I can’t say when I will be releasing the thermometer with active values.

Ok. Thank You.
If I see well, the JAVA manages the clicks, and it sends an event to the form.
So, everything, what I would like to manage with click, I must write in JAVA.

yes, you need to handle that in JAVA.

Ok. Thank you very much.
Have a nice weekend.

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