Oracle Forms 10g- Using Static Google Maps with HTTP geocoding service


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Here is an update with the files for implementing a javabean that displays a static google map for a given location.

In a number of back-end applications, users as well as entities are registered with their address information. In some cases, it is desired to provide a visual representation of this address information.
A free service that is provided by Google allows us to obtain the map for a given address as well as additional info such as directions from a given point to this address.

This is a bit difficult to implement in Oracle Forms 10g since the Google API is based on Javascript. In those cases where Javascript is blocked or not possible, Google provides another service which is called Google Static maps.

What this service provides is a static image of the map based on the address information. This can be sufficient in a number of Forms applications.

In this note, we provide a javabean that will display the static map in addition to the latitude and longitude corresponding to the address provided by the user (or fetched from a table).

First, we will use the Google Maps HTTP geocoding service to retrieve the latitude and longitude. Then, we use this data to fetch the static map from the Google static map service.

Static Google Map Javabean output-Oracle forms 10g

This javabean can be used either with the SUN JRE or Oracle Jinitiator. It has been tested with Jinitiator and

Download the jar, java file, sample FMB and the technical note

Please note that the javabean has also been submitted to the Pluggable Java Component & JavaBean ‘s library website maintained by Francois Degrelle.

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