Oracle Forms Migration Challenges- A Recap


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle | Posted on 13-01-2009

I finally was able to complete a document that highlights the phases, challenges and solutions that we put in place during our migration from Forms 6i to 10g.

I would have hoped to have it before we embarked on the migration but here it is for those that might have to go through the same. Please do place your comments so I can improve it.

Download document: Challenges migrating Forms 10g

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Comments (35)

Reallt interesting blog. Could you share the total time it took to migrate your 1200 modules?
(I’d also like to link this paper from OTN if thats ok with you)

Thanks for the comments Grant.
Yes, please you can link the paper from OTN.
I sent you an email with the details concerning the length of time it took us to migrate the modules.

Hi Hafed,

Well, I’m in a bit of a bind!

I have a client that needs to migrate from Forms 6i to Forms 10g… for obvious reasons! The migration is fairly straight forward, except for images. They store JPEG and TIFF images in the DB and on a Unix file system. Now, I’ve read contradicting blog entries about TIFF being supported or not… more on that later. For images, clarity and precision is a must, as it’s an intellectual property application. Furthermore, they need to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, etc… images, in other words, they need the “bells and whistles” in image manipulation!!

Ok, you’re going to say WebUtil!! That’s a no-go!! Performance is very poor (users query thru images) and it doesn’t provide with the “bells and whistles”. I’m currently investigating JavaBean but I’m battling with the concept. It is fairly new to me. What I’m looking here is for a concept. Am I on the right track??

I would sure appreciate if you could reply to my home email address. That would be appreciated!!



As far as your application is concerned, I don’t think webutil will help you.

The concept behind Forms javabean is extremely simple. I found it very hard to understand by going thru Oracle Forms help.
However, once I saw the light, it is a piece of cake.

As far as Java is concerned, it is not really required to be a hard core Java specialist. You need the basics in order to write a Forms javabean.

A good book that you can use for your Image application is Filthy Rich Clients by Chet Haase and Romain Guy. One of the best when it comes to Graphics with Java and some nice discussions there about image processing basics (scaling, stretching, processing etc.)

hi.. now I want to convert my form 6i to 10G, but I’m confuse about mouliforms..? can i download this tools free…? please your advise..

I plan to make MouliForms available for download. I really did not have time to cleanup the code.
Too busy with the Rich text editor right now.

great job
i’m a newbie but i’m tryin to progress , now i’m workin on 2 projects migration from 6i to 10g i’m startin with java also as i see it’s helpful(jdapi) to have some idea about it to go through the migration , so thank u hafed , ur blog helps me a lot to understant my project. finaly i hope that u will share MOULIFORMS (with source if possible) :) thks

@hoolako: glad you liked the material in this blog.

Just discovered this blog and it has a lot of useful information that I will soon need.
Did you share your MouliForms tool and/or code.
If yes can you please let me know where to get it from?
Thank you

I plan to make MouliForms available for download. I did not have time to cleanup the code yet.

Do you think you can share the migration code as is?
I will try to figure out what to do with my migration then.
Thank you

Hello Hafed,
Do you think you can share MouliForms with us as is?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

@Don: I can send you the executable version of MouliForms and with it the features that are migrated from 6 to 10g. From there, you can select which ones you want to migrate.
Let me know.

Thank you Hafed,
The executable of Muliforms is more than welcomed for me.
If you have my email, which is hidden to my posts, please email me the executable, otherwise I can post my email.
Thank you once more for your offer, help and this excellent blog.

Have you been able to share MouliForms? I am involved with a migration project and would be interested in using it/concepts from it.

Could you provide the executable if you have not yet shared it?

Thanks in advance

@paddy: No problem, I will send you the executables.

There’s a more comprehensive tool out there for the Forms Migration call PITSS.converter ( This tool takes care of over 160 migration issues, which is much more then Migration Assistant or Mouli.

They can do a migration of 50-1000 in days.

Somethings like TEXT_IO still work, but they work on the App Server. Is tha OK? Do you want all TEXT_IO to occur on the AS or all on the Client. Those are generally your options with these other tools. PITSS.converter allows you to choose all, by form, by statement. It miraculoous.

There are a lot of other examples of things that need a more comprehensive approach then a batch file type of conversion.

Look them up

Correction. PITSS.converter can do much more then 1000 in days. It was a bad statement. They can do 50 forms, they could do 1000 forms, or even 10,000 forms in days. There is no limit

Hello Dwight,
The converter you mention is not for free, and here we have Hafed offering his work and expertise for free.
Therefore we are much appreciated to him.
This is not a Marketing and selling Blog for you to take advantage.
Hafed can you please email me the executable of Muliforms since I have not received it yet?
Thank you.

@Don: I sent you an email. Nice that you clarified that pitss is a commercial tool for those who did not know it.

Hello Hafed,
We are currently investigating doing a migration
from Forms 6i to 10g as well and would be interested in
testing the MouliForms out as well. Could you send us the
executables in their current state?

@Tim and those that inquired about MouliForms: I will be sending you Mouliforms by this coming sunday. I
really did not have time to work on it. I will be doing some
QC on it these coming 2 days. There are some messages in
French and the user doc that need to be changed to english
and again, thanks for the interest.

Edit sunday june 21,09: I am almost done with MouliForms. You should receive it very soon.

Thank you Hafed for your updates.
All you hard work and sharing with us is really appreciated.
Best regards

Hello Hafed,
Any news on the MouliForms executable?
Thank you.

Hello Hafed,
Any news on the MouliForms executable?
Please reply to me whatever your decision is (positive or negative) in order to plan my migration accordingly.
I you can share the version with the French messages that is fine with me as well.
Thank you in advance for your reply.

Hi Don,

I am really sorry for not replying sooner. I have been SUBMERGED with work lately and that is why I was not able to get back to you. I already did the translation to english. You should get MouliForms this week.

Thank Hafed you for your prompt reply.


I am also interested in the free tool developed by you. Can you please share the executable. Please send it to my emailid which is hidden. Some notes on what is migrated with this tool will be really helpful.

Thanks in Advance

Hello Hafed, Since it is Sunday and you might have some free time can you please email us the muliform executable?
Thank you in advance for all your help.

Hello Hafed,
On Monday I am starting my migration.
Any chance to get the promised MuliForms executable?
Thank you.

Hafed, I admire your effort in building the tool. I have a requirement to convert 500+ forms in real short time. I used the Oracle supplied Forms Migration Assistant, but the tool is a waste one. It messed up my whole thing. I would really appreciate, if you can share the executables. I have very stringent timelines. Please help…

One suggesstion from my side – you can publish your tool under GPL ( get the world know about your technical expertise.

Awaiting your reply…
Thanks a ton !!!

Hello Hafed, it’s a great tool that you have developed. It would be possible that you share Mouliforms? Could you please send me the executable?


Hi Hafed,
Thanks for the blog on forms conversion. I’m involved in a forms conversion from 61 t from 6i to 10g and would like to know the steps involved from a developers
perspective and how much of DBA work is involved. We have about 150 forms here and
I’m not sure about the length of time it would take based on the level of
customization in these forms. I would really appreciate your help on these as it
would help guide me. Thanks.

hi Hafed,

I’m interested in the Mouliforms can you sendme.

tks. its a very good tool.

Hi. i am also currently migrating 6i forms to 10g. and this is the ver
very first time that i handled Oracle forms. I just want to know
what could be the possible cause of
‘ORA-01041: internatl error. hostdef extension
does not exist’.. when i compiled this to
6i, it doesn’t have any errors. but when
migrating to 10g, i receive such error.

Please enlighten. thanks

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