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Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 04-02-2009

I have completed the development and testing phases for the Oracle Forms HTML editor. Most of the features I mentioned before are now in the editor.

Based on some suggestions, the editor is now officially named FRITE  (pronounced like Freet).

Before I release it in the wild, I am looking for 5 or 10 beta-testers . You will get the JAR file, developer’s guide and user’s guide. You will receive the material Friday Feb 06, 09 and should send back your feedback by Monday Feb 09, 09 midnight EST.  I understand that most do not work week-ends but at least you’ll have monday to get FRITE through its paces.

Please send an email to info [at] with your name and email address.


Update: Friday Feb 6,09. Beta-testing will start on Monday Feb 9,09.

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Will it be a Java Bean or a PJC ?
If Java Bean, did you choose standard or enhanced (using the FBean package)

@Francois: It is a javabean and I used the standard package (VBean). As soon as Forms 11g is out and SUN JRE is standard implementation, I will update to FBean. For the time being, I tried to make Frite available to as many people as possible which means JRE 1.3.

Can i get HTML editor files to test?


@Nancy: no problem, I will put you on the list.

Hi Hafed, I’d be glad to get the HTML editor javabean to test it in our project.

Congrats for your work and thank you from Spain.


Pleas any one help to send editor in arabic it is not work with me in arabic , I need update .


Amjad Ramahi

Mr Hafed

Would you please send it to me on my email if you would like too.

So please send it to me.

Dear Hafed

I need Arabic version please , could you send it to me through email.

Amjad Ramahi

dear all

frite is a fantastic tool for use. I’ve one problem in the printing issue.. the tables are not printed properly and somehow i find that large amount of space being inserted between lines, although i’ve removed the tags from the html source. The biggest issue is with the pdfs.. we cannot generate pdf documents. html output is okay but the decoration with boxes and color within the report are all lost.. i need those colorisation in my output.. and pdf is best solution for me till date.. pls. help

Many thanks for contributing to the developer community. We enabled HTML RTE from the form you have given.
Can we have that Javabean stored in the database level and requery it back.
i.e. When i save and query it back from my forms application i need to represent the data in the RTE format in which i had saved it. Is it doable ? Please let me know how.
Thanks in advance.

@3iteam: Yes, it is saved with the HTML format.

I dont get you. Can i save data in RTE format and requery it back and show it in forms. Can you please explain how this is done in the example form you have given with this article. Thanks in advance.

we were able to successfully save the data and re-query it back & show it in RTE format. The item in which RTE is enabled is not getting focus through key board. We are forced to use mouse, how to overcome this ? Are we missing any thing here. Even in the sample form you have provided the RTE enabled Text Area is not getting focus. Please help us in fixing this issue.
Thanks in advance.


Could you please send me the download link or the package? Thanks and appreciate your help.


Dear all,

I am trying to copy text from MS-Word into the HTML editor. It does not work with CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Could anyone please help me with this.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Hafed, I’d be glad to get the HTML editor javabean to test it in our project.

Congrats for your work and thank you

Dear Sir,

Please Provide the function to clear html tag that not support oracle report


BigData and BI student

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