Google Static Map javabean with Forms 10g: new improvements


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 11-02-2009

A number of users asked whether the bean can be improved in order to have the same feature as the full fledge google map.

The answer is Yes. I already tried the zoom and pan controls to the Google static map. However, my time now is being spent on completing the HTML rich text editor and I really can’t deliver the Google map bean without extensive testing.

This is the planned schedule for the coming days (note to myself :) of course):

  • Complete and release the HTML rich text editor. This one is in the hands of the beta-testers. It should be available very soon.
  • Translate the SMS article to English.
  • Test and release the Google static map with zoom and pan controls.

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HI, I am working on a application that will use the Google Maps Static Api and zoom/pan etc. If you want a tester/helper for it. I am willing to work on it

how can i use it with oracleforms6i

Hi Hafed, ┬┐there is any work in progress to support the new Geocoding API 3.0?. As far as Google has discontinued version 2.0, and in the 3.0 version the output CSV is not an option, the Bean has stop working (now the XML response is returned). If there are no plans about a new version, I would like your permission to modify the code myself. Thank you and congratulations for your initiatives.

@Antonio: I have not worked on the new version in a while. If you want to modify it, yes that would be interesting.

Hi Hafed,
its nice work.
its working on different map services?

it works on google map services.

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