FRITE- the rich text editor with Right-to-left languages


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I have been working on adapting FRITE, the rich text editor to work with right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew and the results are here.


FRITE Rich text editor in Arabic

Hebrew – Translation of “Here is how my Hebrew text should look like in FRITE” courtesy of

Frite- rich text editor in Hebrew

The only addition to the code was the following statement:

document.putProperty(“i18n”, Boolean.TRUE);

But I still need to validate the overall workflow with users that work with Arabic or Hebrew on a daily basis.

I guess the same applies for Persian, Urdu and other right to left languages.

Breaking news: JAVA could soon be in the hands of IBM


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle | Posted on 18-03-2009

IBM is rumored to be in the final stage of acquiring SUN which everybody knows is behind JAVA. So what could be the effect on Oracle development tools if this deals materializes ?

Looks like it is going to be a highly complicated issue that could even see JAVA being forked to maintain its independence from any one vendor. Could this bring Oracle to shift its focus from JAVA as the main development language for its Fusion strategy or better see Oracle take a lead in a new JAVA ?

Google static Map release 0.12


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The 0.12 release is now available and can be downloaded from the sourceforge page.

I will be making a special page for this bean here on In the meantime, let me know of any special features you would like to see in this bean.

In version 0.13, I will be adding other languages and polylines.

If I have time, I will get Rhino to work with the gmap form module and from there use Google map with directions. So, within the form module, you should be able to get directions from point A to point B.

Special, special: Today, March Friday 13th (what a coincidence!) is the last day for the PJC competition. We have a heated race over there and it should be a very close call. If you did not vote, please go here and VOTE :)

Static google map- version 0.12


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Here is an update to the static google map. I have added the following:

  • User can now enter address info using only latitude and longitude
  • User can zoom in and zoom out using a popup menu on the image itself
  • User can pan (vertical and horizontal) in either directions.
  • Some minor changes to the class structure. Now using Mercator projections for panning.

In order to better manage this project, I will upload everything on sourceforge this week.

Here is a screenshot:

FRITE- An update


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle | Posted on 09-03-2009

As expected, I have received quite a number of requests for improvements to be introduced in the next version of FRITE. The most striking and the ones that I did not expect are those from enterprise users. For example, one request was for copying and pasting chunk of HTML codes from a Forms item module (or from a database table column) in a specific position within FRITE.

Needless to say, there are some interesting uses for FRITE. Here are the major new changes that will be in version 0.12

  • Support for bi-directional languages such as Arabic and Hebrew
  • Support for hyperlink clicks and follow ups. When you click on a hyperlink within FRITE, you will be allowed to open or follow a link.
  • New properties for the bean that you can set and get. Some are purely cosmetics and will allow you to customize the look of FRITE. Others will let you for example to add and remove buttons from the toolbars.

I have also checked where visitors are coming from as far as degenio and FRITE are concerned. There, you have another interesting statistic and which got verified by the number of requests coming from India users.


Well, it seems Oracle Forms is still widely used within the enterprise!

Just a little reminder, the PJC competition is almost over. If you want to vote, please head over to the Oracle Forums.

Garnering interest for Oracle Developer day in Montreal, Canada


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle | Posted on 02-03-2009

The last week has been quite hectic with the release of Frite and the new improvements I am adding to the google map bean. Glancing over the Oracle forms OTN pages and Grant’s blog, I was a bit feeling down not seeing Montreal on the Oracle developer’s circuit.

I know from facts that the local Montreal Oracle Forms community is quite large and it occured to me that we can get an Oracle Developer’s day scheduled here. So, if you are a Forms or Java developer interested in seeing Grant and his friends here in Montreal, Canada, show us JDeveloper and how the Oracle Forms functionalities map in JDeveloper, please send me an email to info [at] and leave a commment below.

In the email, please state your name, company if you are working and how long you have been using Oracle Forms and your interest in attending such a session.

Please understand that there is no guarantee there will be a dev day in Montreal very soon, but if I can get a sufficient number of interested developers, we can make a point with Oracle.