FRITE- the rich text editor with Right-to-left languages


Posted by Hafed | Posted in PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 27-03-2009

I have been working on adapting FRITE, the rich text editor to work with right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew and the results are here.


FRITE Rich text editor in Arabic

Hebrew – Translation of “Here is how my Hebrew text should look like in FRITE” courtesy of

Frite- rich text editor in Hebrew

The only addition to the code was the following statement:

document.putProperty(“i18n”, Boolean.TRUE);

But I still need to validate the overall workflow with users that work with Arabic or Hebrew on a daily basis.

I guess the same applies for Persian, Urdu and other right to left languages.

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Dear Hafed,

I would like to try your code (frite) in Oracle Forms. Please send me a copy! Thank you very much!


Dear Mr.Hafed,
Can you send me the Arabic Version of FRITE.
to my email
Thank you alot
Mahmoud ElBaz

Can you send me the Arabic Version of FRITE
Thank you

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