Garnering interest for Oracle Developer day in Montreal, Canada


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle | Posted on 02-03-2009

The last week has been quite hectic with the release of Frite and the new improvements I am adding to the google map bean. Glancing over the Oracle forms OTN pages and Grant’s blog, I was a bit feeling down not seeing Montreal on the Oracle developer’s circuit.

I know from facts that the local Montreal Oracle Forms community is quite large and it occured to me that we can get an Oracle Developer’s day scheduled here. So, if you are a Forms or Java developer interested in seeing Grant and his friends here in Montreal, Canada, show us JDeveloper and how the Oracle Forms functionalities map in JDeveloper, please send me an email to info [at] and leave a commment below.

In the email, please state your name, company if you are working and how long you have been using Oracle Forms and your interest in attending such a session.

Please understand that there is no guarantee there will be a dev day in Montreal very soon, but if I can get a sufficient number of interested developers, we can make a point with Oracle.

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I want to register for next seminar Oracle in montreal

Thank you

To Whom it concern,

knowning that Oracle is the future in the Software Development, I am checking for a complete and advanced Oracle Training with Oracle Software Company.
Because of having a great interest for Oracle Technologies, I am ready to start such training everywhere in Montreal or another country and to pay for it.

I have a rich background in Software Development with another Technologies such as, Microsoft (MS SQL/Server), IBM(DB2) and SUN(JAVA). In addition, I know different programming languages such as, C++, Java, VB and so on…..,
(Scripting languages too, such as VBScript, JavaScript, XML and ASP….).

I just need to learn all about Oracle Technology and to switch for it.
I just want to proceed to technologies transfer and to develop with Oracle Tools.

I wish I could read an answer from the training department.

I hope my dream comes true sooner.

Sincerely yours.
Mrs HOUMEL Houria.

I am interested by the next Oracle Seminar in Montreal City

Hi, I am a PL/SQL developer in a telecommunication company and I want to register for oracle developer day in Montreal.
Best regards.

Im an oracle certified proffesional and a developer based in Nigeria,west africa,I am intrested in coming to conference in montreal canada

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