Static google map- version 0.12


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 09-03-2009

Here is an update to the static google map. I have added the following:

  • User can now enter address info using only latitude and longitude
  • User can zoom in and zoom out using a popup menu on the image itself
  • User can pan (vertical and horizontal) in either directions.
  • Some minor changes to the class structure. Now using Mercator projections for panning.

In order to better manage this project, I will upload everything on sourceforge this week.

Here is a screenshot:

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good news! thnx.

It is possible to implement in Forms 6i?

yes, you should be able to use it on 6i.

How can i get it

Good work
I’m using the sample form in a jInitiator environment and all works fine!! very good.
I have a configuration without the jinitiator that use Java 1.6.0_18 instead, when I press the “fetch” button the forms application will close.
Do you know why?

the gmap works well using java 1.4.2_03
still working on it to understand why I’m facing problems using java6

I will check it against java 6. I only ran tests against Jinit while developing it.

you are very kind! thanks

Hi hafed,
This is very nice post.This is very useful. is it possible in your version 0.12 to send multiple latitude and longitude?

please help me.
Thanks in advance.

@pankaj: can you please elaborate? Do you mean different points at the same time.

Hi Hafed,
I have seen your post. It is a good post however I would like to know if there is possibility of multiple addresses to be shown( multiple locations at the same time) on Google map image and can we have label for more than 10 locations( currently Google map shows label from A to J i.e. total 10 locations only).
Thank you

Hi Hafed,

Is it possible to have multiple locations to be shown at the same time on Google map image with each location/point having different label each on them?

I am trying this PJC in my project but got the frm:92100 error.

done … 😉

How as I can download the Static google map- version 0.12

Is gmap still working?

Hi Hafed,

I am trying the example given in this post but i am not able to display the map.
After googling i found the below information

Version 2 (“v2”) of the Geocoding API was officially deprecated on 8 March 2010 and has now been turned down. As of 9 September 2013.
and i tryied using the below url in the browser and i can be able to see the lat and lang values in the browser but not in form.,+BradFord,+West+York,+bd3%207fj&sensor=true

Could you please tell me how to use the new google api(v3)??

Thakns & Br,

from where we can dowload

It is possible to implement static google map in Forms 11g and Java plug-in 1.7 update 67 o more?


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