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Posted by Hafed | Posted in personal | Posted on 30-07-2009

I promised a great deal of people copies of MouliForms. Unfortunately, I had to travel to Algeria for family reasons and I am unable to have access to the internet for obvious reasons: very slow connections to no connections at all. I spent the last two days just to get this post through.  My apologies …

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Sometimes it takes a lot more than promises to deliver.
It is best to say sorry ladies and gentlemen “No Can Do”.
Thank you anyway for giving us hope.

Hi Don,

Please check your email. MouliForms has been sent to you. You should have received the user guide, the presentation and the executable. You should be able to use it right away with JRE 1.4 and up. Thanks.

Hello Hafed,
I have received your emails.
I will migrate the application from client/server to 10g rel.2, and from windows to Solaris.
I will provide feedback to you along the way.
Thank you for your help, and your contribution to the Oracle community (us all).
Kind regards.

@Don, Can you lend a hand by sharing the executables as Hafed is facing some challenges?…Thanks for your help..

@Raj: please check your email. I sent you the exe with the user guides.

Wud u be kind enough to email Frite & Mouliforms for our internal use. Appreciate yr excellent work.

@kemal: check your email. I sent you both.

hi hafed

sorry to bother u again. i’d checked, but had not rcvd it. cud u send it to the new email address provided. truly appreciate it. TQ.

Pls email both software for my learning & personal needs. Thanks for yr great efforts.

@kemal@longbridge.biz: your email addresses are not working :(

Sorry Hafed… had a change of ISP recently. kindly sent it to my hotmail account. thk you.

Hi Hafed,

Could you please share with me the executable of MouliForms if it is stiil avalaible?
Thanks for your help

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