New year and new resolutions (Excel-like javabean for Oracle Forms)


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 08-01-2010

Fortunately, 2009 is now gone. Really bad year as far as I am concerned. I lost my father in October after an illness. That does not justify the lack of posts or the updates on the various forms components I have here. The mood was not there unfortunately.

However, I did manage to squeeze out a nice Excel-like javabean that can be connected to Oracle data sources from Forms. While that works, I am totaly at a loss of what can be done with it since I am not really a spreadsheet expert.

So, if you have in mind some nice business scenarios for such a bean, please let me know. That would include for example one or more tables and simple usage scenario for a spreadsheet usage within Oracle Forms. Send them to info [at]

The one I have done was just to import the data from the table and from there do some charting within the Excel bean. It would be interesting to get some financial usage scenarios.

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Hello Hafed,
Write the Bean, and be sure that someone will find a good application of it 😉

Yes, that’s true Francois. However, I am interested in getting at least one case study to use as a showcase.

Maybe a kind of invoice with crossed calculation (line + coluum) ?

I would be more than happy to work with you on this, I have long been in search of something such as this. I would like to be able to have a dynamic interface to sort, rearrange and customize columns based on user specs that is easily implemented.

@Scott: That’s interesting. I will be sending you the bean for testing. Thanks.

Thats great, thanks.

Please send me the sample. I have the requirement, that most of the
reports, we use view to display in forms. Many of the fields are very
lengthy and it is not fit in the screen, so if i get a bean which
have the flexibility like increase/decrease width, sort colum, etc.
will be very helpful.
thank you

If you could send through the bean/code I’d be interesed in trying it out/trying to make use of it. I can see some interesting possiblities in using this sort of bean for suppling budgeting/forecasting functionality.


Just wondered if you still wanted some help/input on this?
If so could you send the bean to me ?

Hi I’m also looking for an excel like java-bean with high functionality.
– switching of columns, sorting, exporting of data, changing of size, highliting of changes, filter.

could you please send the example bean?
I already tested the excel-like java-bean on Mr. Francois Degrelle’s blog, but i neeed something that has more functionality. Thanks in advance

Hello Hafed,
I am writing an application which shows 360 degree item views and would like to use the excel bean like filters which will make the item views more usable and provide great visibility. If you could send the bean to me, that will be great.

So, Hafed, what’s new with this bean ?

@Francois: same thing is happening while developping Frite. I can’t find the time to polish the bean.
Nevertheless, I am trying to get it out before june 2010.

Hi. I recently came upon your blog and have an Oracle Forms question.
I have a situation whereby I am using a Pashto (Afganhistan ) keyboard and various Pashto characters are not being echoed within an input text field, but do indeed save to the DB; a standard Java Swing appl does echo all of the Pashto characters.
Question: is there a way to implement a PJC to sit “on top” of the actual input text field and do the I/O itself right there, and then place the data back in the text field ?


@art: You are looking here at a PJC. You can implement it very easily. I saw something similar over at Sheikh Yerbouti website (Francois Degrelle). See


what about using this to emulate the grids from .net? with something like this we could have some column swapping, column resizing/hiding and sorting.
Do you think is it possible to develop something like this?

Have you managed to make any more progress on this bean ?


@ricky: no unfortunately. While it has been coded almost in full (java), I am still left with the Forms integration. However, I really want to get it out before this Fall.

Any update on Excel like bean ?.
Waiting to see the bean.

Hi Hafed

I’m so much looking for a javabean for an Excel-wannabe-form. Have you by any chance reached a stage, where you are happy with your bean and ready to throw it off to the lions :-)

Kind regards

Unfortunately I did not have any free time to continue work on it. However, I know I have to finish it somehow :(

Just wondered if this is still somewhere on your list of things to do, or if you’ve given up on it ?

@Rich: unfortunately, I have no time left for working on the Excel javabean.

I would like to know how I can use a java bean in windows environment

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