Oracle APEX presentation – Montreal Nov 2010


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This past tuesday Nov 23, 2010 we had Mr David Peake, APEX product manager, over here in Montreal giving us a presentation on the new features available in APEX 4.X.

Some of the features that were highlighted:

  • Dynamic actions: for people that tend to shy away from Javascript, this could be the answer. Basically, when you need to implement some Javascript scripting, you can do so by going the Dynamic action route.
  • APEX Plugins: how they can extend functionnalities in APEX. David  mentionned there are a number of plugins already available but APEX developers should be writing more. It should be noted that APEX plugins are written in PL/SQL.
  • Web services: an area where we should be expecting further improvement. Currently, REST web services are favored by the web community.
  • Oracle APEX Listener.
  • Websheets: it is not clear what directions the APEX team is taking with websheets. These are pages implemented in a wiki fashion but David stressed that they are not aiming for a wiki-like usage.

On my side, the main point that got me really interested in is getting websheets to do things similar to Lotus Notes as I explained in this old post.

The presentation was followed by a roundtable. Experts from sie-solutions, insum and bibliotheque nationale du quebec answered questions from the audience.

Overall, it was a nice event organized by Oragec.

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