ORAGEC-Oracle APEX day – Montreal Oct 2011


Posted by Hafed | Posted in apex(htmldb), oracle | Posted on 14-10-2011

Yesterday, there were a number of presentations on the new Oracle APEX 4.1 version.

The presentation by David Peake, APEX product manager from Oracle, highlighted the new features available in 4.1.

  • Error handling: a nice way to propagate Oracle DB errors to APEX and handling within APEX. This is by far the best feature and certainly the one to use right away since a number of exceptions are related to integrity constraints.
  • Data loading: a new type of page included in the wizard. That will allow the creation of data loading pages within the application.
  • Internationalization: a much better interface for the wizard. Loading and publishing a new international version will be much quicker.

There were two other presentations by the people from insum solutions (internationalization)  and momentum technologies (rich UI interfaces for APEX applications).

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