About me


A discussion about Oracle Developer tools, Entreprise tools, and Big data tools and concepts.

I am teaching full time at College de Bois de Boulogne and  also work as an IT consultant with emphasis on training.

Since 2005, I taught Oracle Forms, Designer and APEX at College de Bois de Boulogne in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. From 2009 and onwards, I taught a number of programming courses around Android, Java and python at a number of companies and educational institutions in Quebec.

Update 2015-2016: We started a certificate in Big data and Business Intelligence at College de Bois de Boulogne, Montreal in June 2015. I am in charge of two courses within that specialization.

My Background

I was trained at École Polytechnique- ENPA Algiers-Algeria and received a diplome d’ingénieur en Électronique in 1985* with the highest grade point average (GPA) for the class of ’85 and at the same time being the youngest graduate.

I received a Master’s degree and PhD in Electrical Engineering (with minors in Mathematics and Computer Science) in 1988 and 1990 from Polytechnic Institute (New York University-polytechnic school of engineering), respectively. I am a member of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society.

In a former life, I co-authored a number of papers published in Pattern Recognition and IEEE. I also co-authored (with professor emeritus Ludwik Kurz) a book on Statistical Image processing published by Cambridge University Press (1997). I taught statistics, signal processing, image processing, detection and estimation theory and a number of courses in electronics.

*Disclaimer: For Quebec legal reasons, I am not claiming I am an “Ingénieur” or that I am a member of “l’ordre des ingénieurs du Québec”.