New APEX course I will be teaching Winter 2011


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For those in the Montreal area, I will be teaching Oracle APEX at college de Bois de Boulogne this coming winter 2011. It is a 90 hours course.

There is also a presentation on APEX on Tuesday Nov 23, 2010 by David Peake, APEX product manager. The presentation will be held at Bibliotheque Nationale. The event is organized by ORAGEC.

APEX presentation- Montreal march 18, 2010


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There were very good news yesterday at the APEX presentation made by Oracle and the team behind sie-solutions (website). The most interesting features that will be available in the upcoming 4.0 release were discussed in the morning sessions.

In the afternoon, there were 6 speed training sessions related to the following features:

  • Graphic look for an APEX application
  • Preparing an APEX application for smartphones
  • JQuery in APEX
  • Plugins
  • Dynamic actions
  • How to break down a database using poor programming habits within APEX

For Oracle Forms developers, the most interesting feature is what is called dynamic action, another term for trigger. I already raised that issue in this post a while back. In essence, I was concerned that in order to mimic a trigger behavior in APEX, you had to resort to javascript which a number of people are not comfortable with. Now, with the wizard in the 4.0 release, you should be able to implement some very interesting features in APEX.

As far as plugins are concerned, it is the way to go if APEX is to grow. However, I raised an issue dealing with the fact that most companies won’t use a plugin unless it is certified free from trojan, virues etc. The reason is that APEX is deployed in the database and as such a well (bad usage) crafted plugin would open the data in the DB to external mining. In this case, I think a plugin store similar to Apple store or Google market should be the way to go. Who is going or willing to manage it ?

Anyway, excellent presentations by the team behind sie solutions.

Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX conversion update


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David Peake, product manager for Oracle application express, has posted an announcement related to the availability of APEX 3.2.

Forms ConversionĀ  is one of the features that is available in this release.

The free hosted “development” environment on , which is open to all developers, has been updated to APEX 3.2. That should give us an easy way to try out APEX.

I have a couple of hard to convert forms module full of triggers, program units and database calls that I will be running through the converter once I get a free moment. I am too busy now with the release of Frite.

Oracle Apex (HTMLDB) 2.2


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I am back now at testing HTMLDB 2.2 after last year’s tutorial. At any rate, there a number of new features with the tool although it is still missing some very obvious ones.

The most striking one is the lack of stacked, tabbed canvases. When you deal with master-detail forms, it is almost the case that you need to spread out the details info on several tabs (well at least 2 or three tabs). On the otn forum, I have seen that one post requested this feature in the upcoming release of apex 3.0 and another post stated that this tabbed canvas issue can be implemented with some DHTML tricks.

Learning to use Apex is one thing but if that also entails becoming a Javascript, Ajax, DHTML guru, then I guess we are missing the issue at hand which is managing and/or processing the database data.

Going back to Oracle Forms, the onus is on the developers and specifically the people writing the PL/SQL code
and libraries required to implement the business rules. With Apex, it looks like most of the issues that are being raised now on otn deal with the design/interface side of the application. As such, I hope that the Apex team should put all its energy toward resolving/implementing those features that made Forms such a formidable tool.

Last, a google search for HTMLDB/Apex course or lecture notes yields no results at the present time.

During the course of writing the HTMLDB (oracle ap…


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During the course of writing the HTMLDB (oracle applications express-APEX- a.k.a TAKFAH) tutorial, I was confronted to the case of the POST-CHANGE trigger (Forms-like) in APEX.

The question was already asked by a user on OTN and I went through an implementation using an idea borrowed from Carl Backstrom.

Here is the problem: you create a report based on one table. However, in one of the region, you want to retrieve the details based on one of the items from another table.

Here is the link:

Upcoming tutorial for HTMLDB – Oracle Application Express


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I am putting the last touch on a tutorial about HTMLDB 2.0
As you might know, Oracle has now changed the name of HTMLDB to Oracle application express.

What I like about HTMLDB is the ease of development and the fact that you can put together a working app in a very short time. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a lot of tutorials on this tool (the OTN page for HTMLDB lists a few but there no single end-to-end app developed with HTMLDB).

At any rate, it will be posted here very shortly.