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For those planning to be at the annual ORAGEC here in Montréal, there are a number of interesting sessions. Of those, I will be attending the following sessions: Read the rest of this entry »

Apex Forum in french


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In addition to the excellent forum over at oracle.com, for those interested in an Apex forum in french, there is an excellent one run by sie-solutions.com over at apexquebec.com.

Apex authentication/authorization


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While Working on setting up an authentication/authorization scheme for an Oracle Apex application, I came across an excellent link   by Duncan Mein here and a step by step procedure by Afaq Ayub here. Read the rest of this entry »

Oracle APEX presentation – Montreal Nov 2010


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This past tuesday Nov 23, 2010 we had Mr David Peake, APEX product manager, over here in Montreal giving us a presentation on the new features available in APEX 4.X.

Some of the features that were highlighted:

  • Dynamic actions: for people that tend to shy away from Javascript, this could be the answer. Basically, when you need to implement some Javascript scripting, you can do so by going the Dynamic action route.
  • APEX Plugins: how they can extend functionnalities in APEX. David  mentionned there are a number of plugins already available but APEX developers should be writing more. It should be noted that APEX plugins are written in PL/SQL.
  • Web services: an area where we should be expecting further improvement. Currently, REST web services are favored by the web community.
  • Oracle APEX Listener.
  • Websheets: it is not clear what directions the APEX team is taking with websheets. These are pages implemented in a wiki fashion but David stressed that they are not aiming for a wiki-like usage.

On my side, the main point that got me really interested in is getting websheets to do things similar to Lotus Notes as I explained in this old post.

The presentation was followed by a roundtable. Experts from sie-solutions, insum and bibliotheque nationale du quebec answered questions from the audience.

Overall, it was a nice event organized by Oragec.

New APEX course I will be teaching Winter 2011


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For those in the Montreal area, I will be teaching Oracle APEX at college de Bois de Boulogne this coming winter 2011. It is a 90 hours course.

There is also a presentation on APEX on Tuesday Nov 23, 2010 by David Peake, APEX product manager. The presentation will be held at Bibliotheque Nationale. The event is organized by ORAGEC.

UML tools for application modeling


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I have been doing a lot of java programming since 2008 and most projects started with UML modeling (analysis and design). I have used visual paradigm (community edition) for most UML diagrams and I am quite happy with this tool.

For those interested, there are a number of other open source UML tools that can perfectly do the job. Here is the link for a nice list of UML tools.

APEX presentation- Montreal march 18, 2010


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There were very good news yesterday at the APEX presentation made by Oracle and the team behind sie-solutions (website). The most interesting features that will be available in the upcoming 4.0 release were discussed in the morning sessions.

In the afternoon, there were 6 speed training sessions related to the following features:

  • Graphic look for an APEX application
  • Preparing an APEX application for smartphones
  • JQuery in APEX
  • Plugins
  • Dynamic actions
  • How to break down a database using poor programming habits within APEX

For Oracle Forms developers, the most interesting feature is what is called dynamic action, another term for trigger. I already raised that issue in this post a while back. In essence, I was concerned that in order to mimic a trigger behavior in APEX, you had to resort to javascript which a number of people are not comfortable with. Now, with the wizard in the 4.0 release, you should be able to implement some very interesting features in APEX.

As far as plugins are concerned, it is the way to go if APEX is to grow. However, I raised an issue dealing with the fact that most companies won’t use a plugin unless it is certified free from trojan, virues etc. The reason is that APEX is deployed in the database and as such a well (bad usage) crafted plugin would open the data in the DB to external mining. In this case, I think a plugin store similar to Apple store or Google market should be the way to go. Who is going or willing to manage it ?

Anyway, excellent presentations by the team behind sie solutions.

Oracle Business intelligence workshop – Montreal March 2010


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There is an upcoming workshop on Oracle Business Intelligence tools in Montreal. Here are the details:

Thursday March 25, 2010
Oracle Bureau de Montréal
600 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Suite Ouest 1900
Montréal, QC H3A 3J2

Details can be found here: http://www.oracle.com/webapps/events/EventsDetail.jsp?p_eventId=107620&src=6760842&src=6760842&Act=237&evite=237.

New year and new resolutions (Excel-like javabean for Oracle Forms)


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Fortunately, 2009 is now gone. Really bad year as far as I am concerned. I lost my father in October after an illness. That does not justify the lack of posts or the updates on the various forms components I have here. The mood was not there unfortunately.

However, I did manage to squeeze out a nice Excel-like javabean that can be connected to Oracle data sources from Forms. While that works, I am totaly at a loss of what can be done with it since I am not really a spreadsheet expert.

So, if you have in mind some nice business scenarios for such a bean, please let me know. That would include for example one or more tables and simple usage scenario for a spreadsheet usage within Oracle Forms. Send them to info [at] degenio.com

The one I have done was just to import the data from the table and from there do some charting within the Excel bean. It would be interesting to get some financial usage scenarios.

Frite source code and Mouliforms executable


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These are available for those who need them. For the time being, they are in maintenance mode.

Currently, I am involved with JDeveloper 11g and transitioning from Forms.