Frite and other javabeans download


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The downloads are no longer available through Sourceforge. I will be adding a download page on for all of the available documents including Frite and other tools.

In the meantime, you can send me an email and I will forward the tools you need. Please be advised that gmail accounts do not accept zip attachments.


Update september 2013: I have uploaded the different tools in the downloads page.  Please leave a comment if you find the tools useful.


Sharing documents between Notes databases


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With Lotus Notes, you can be very productive if you know how to store your information. In my case, I have a library database (with a number of categories) which always open. I use it to jot down any information I may encounter during my workday.

Recently, I came across on a very smart Notes application Share documents
on Alan Lepofsky Notes blog. Basically, it will let you send any DB link from notes databases to a designated database.

In my case, I am now using it to send important emails, the ones that I may otherwise tag, to this library database.

It is very efficient and will really prove useful.

Update on the Openbravo ERP project


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Unfortunately, the ERP project that was scheduled to be rolled out in a major institution in Algeria was cancelled at the last minute (2 days before the roll out). No reasons were given for the cancellation but from the news I got, there was a shakeup at the highest level.

This is not unusual with Algerian companies as most of them work without any planning and decisions are most of the time taken without any rational thoughts.

While I knew this could happen when I got involved with the project, I did not expect that it could end this way. There were many things I learned, both on a technical and human level. The most important one is that I was able to customize Openbravo for the Algerian market. I was able to prepare a number of tutorials related to the various modules.

The Openbravo team cited those presentations on their blog (see

Unfortunately and because of other commitments, I can not continue working on Openbravo for the time being.

If there is another interest with this excellent ERP, I will gladly carry on.

Account management tools


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Lotus notes along with a domino server can be used as a powerful platform for managing access and accounts within an entreprise.

However, with the advent of wiki collaboration tools such as jotspot (, there is a real possibility of getting the same fonctionnalities implemented on a jostpost server appliance.

Lately, I have been toying with this concept using the following setup:
-VMWare appliance
-Wiki app
-Active directory setup on a windows machine
-Email Server
From there, I am trying to do a complete workflow for a typical AM task (AD account creation, email account creation and ldap acct setup).

Things to be working as planned although there are a lot of things to be ironed out.

Jotspot wiki and its relation to Lotus Notes


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A couple of weeks ago, I signed up with because I was interested in using a wiki to manage my daily IT chores.

Jotspot was highly praised by several columnists and since there was a free plan, I started using it right away to manage the daily calls (actually the emails I receive on my business account).

Because I needed to modify one of the functionalities in the daily calls app, I was pleasantly surprised that it was really easy to make changes to the way the app behaves.

But what really struck me was the model behind Jotspot: everything there was just a wiki page and fields, views etc can be added rather quickly. The API behind jotspot will let you do that in a straightforward way.

As I started looking into some of the apps on this platform, I saw the similarity with Lotus Notes where everything is a database, which is itself a collection of documents.

So, my previous post on Lotus Notes was right on target. Jotspot was able to bring similar functionalities using the wiki concept.

About a week after I signed up, Google announced that it was acquiring Jotspot. No need to explain why but if you worked with Lotus Notes, you see how Jotspot is going to fit within Google strategy.

Openbravo training slides


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I posted some powerpoint slides on
Please look under tag: openbravo or

For the time being, I made available the basic stuff related to the procurement and sales modules.

In preparation are those related to the finance, material and business partners modules.

Hope those involved with Openbravo will find them useful.

ERP implementations


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For the last 4 months, I have been deeply involved with an ERP implementation.
It started with a request for a billing system that a large customer wanted to have.

After I researched the market and given that there was a justification for an open source solution, I selected the leading packages ERP5, Compiere, OfBiz and Openbravo.

A detailed examination of the features, actual and proposed, was done during the summer. What I found out is that a number of claims are put forth on the websites and the accompanying brochures.

However, when you start testing real world scenarios, you find some really nasty surprises. As I always advise my friends, it is best to check carefully the claims that the developers make before making a firm commitment.

While I am not going to put forward the study here on this blog, let me just say that Openbravo seems to be the most promising, least because of its open architecture and its elegant handling of the PDFs (documents that you will need to print sooner or later such as invoices, Purchase orders, etc).

Its web interface, while well laid out is easily modified and any competent web developer can add extra UI stuff to the existing one.

Some important features are missing in Openbravo but the WAD put forth by the Openbravo team helps a lot in adding any new functionality.

Database can be either Oracle or Postgres. For the time being, I tested both but the actual production system will run on Postgres. How that will work out is open at the present time.

Needless to say, I learned a number of key things during the course of this project. The next stage will be to turn this into a production system and see how it will perform.