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Garnering interest for Oracle Developer day in Montreal, Canada


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle | Posted on 02-03-2009

The last week has been quite hectic with the release of Frite and the new improvements I am adding to the google map bean. Glancing over the Oracle forms OTN pages and Grant’s blog, I was a bit feeling down not seeing Montreal on the Oracle developer’s circuit.

I know from facts that the local Montreal Oracle Forms community is quite large and it occured to me that we can get an Oracle Developer’s day scheduled here. So, if you are a Forms or Java developer interested in seeing Grant and his friends here in Montreal, Canada, show us JDeveloper and how the Oracle Forms functionalities map in JDeveloper, please send me an email to info [at] degenio.com and leave a commment below.

In the email, please state your name, company if you are working and how long you have been using Oracle Forms and your interest in attending such a session.

Please understand that there is no guarantee there will be a dev day in Montreal very soon, but if I can get a sufficient number of interested developers, we can make a point with Oracle.

Frite v0.11 available now for download


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 25-02-2009

Good news. I finally managed to get Frite available for download from sourceforge.net. Please check the page I dedicated for Frite. All the information about Frite is there.

Here is the link.
Please do not forget to make comments and advise of any bugs, suggestions, etc…

Update: Please use the comments system here for any questions related to Frite (download, features, links etc.)

Frite- presentation on screentoaster


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 23-02-2009

Here is the link on www.screentoaster.com presenting Frite.

The bean has been submitted to the java beans competition on the PJC depot. You can download from there or from sourceforge.net.

The link on sourceforge should be available tuesday feb 24, 2009.

Support for PDF and HTML output within FRITE


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 19-02-2009

Frite is designed as an HTML editor for Oracle Forms and as such the content in the forms module when sent to report should also be available for output. The formats I had in mind are PDF and  HTML.

Those beta-testing Frite did not encounter problems with reports in HTML format. For example, links are clickable and all HTML content is rendered properly.

However, as far as PDF format is concerned, there are problems which I already illustrated in the developer’s guide. Those are due to limitation with Oracle reports. If you remember how reports processes items containing HTML content, you have to set the item property “HTML content” in the report itself. But this is not sufficient because reports does not take into account all of the HTML tags. Only a limited subset is rendered properly, for example bold, italic and underline.

So, how do you go about taking care of the other HTML tags?  Well, what I included in the example report is the procedure cleanHTML , it is one small example of how you would go about handling the HTML in the item.

if your format is PDF, then you would parse accordingly and then do the tags rendering conversion on the fly.

For the time being, that’s how I think I would do it but once Frite is made available to others, I will ask the community for ideas.

But definitely, I think we have a point there.

CONFÉRENCES OPEN ORA*GEC 2009-Montreal, Canada


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle | Posted on 18-02-2009

I will be at the Open ORA*GEC 2009 which will be held in Montreal, Canada on February 19, 2009. There are a number of interesting sessions as far as my interests are concerned:

  • Solution Oracle Business Intelligence Entreprise Edition  11:30-12:15
  • Oracle Development tools (Apex, JDev, WebCenter) 11:30-12:15
  • Oracle Application Server Roadmap 13:30-14:30
  • Oracle and the Web 2.0 14:30-15:30
  • Identity management 15:30-16:30

What is interesting to notice is that Oracle Forms is not mentionned in the program above. However, if you read the full description in the other pages, we have:

Cette session traitera des toutes dernières versions d’Oracle Apex, Oracle Forms,
Jdeveloper/ADF et SQL Developer.
Produits couverts: Apex, JDev, WebCenter

A rough translation: This session will cover the latest versions of Oracle Apex, Oracle Forms, Jdeveloper/ADF and SQl Developer. Products covered here: Apex, JDev, WebCenter.

Seems to me some people are ashamed to say that Oracle Forms is still around and like the child we don’t want others to see, we relegate him to the back room and it is only when people are in the house that they will get to see him.

Anyway, an interesting day tomorrow and I hope to see the new stuff from Oracle.

Here is the link to the announcement from ORAGEC.

Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX conversion update


Posted by Hafed | Posted in apex(htmldb), oracle | Posted on 12-02-2009

David Peake, product manager for Oracle application express, has posted an announcement related to the availability of APEX 3.2.

Forms Conversion  is one of the features that is available in this release.

The free hosted “development” environment on http://apex.oracle.com , which is open to all developers, has been updated to APEX 3.2. That should give us an easy way to try out APEX.

I have a couple of hard to convert forms module full of triggers, program units and database calls that I will be running through the converter once I get a free moment. I am too busy now with the release of Frite.

PJC/Javabeans competition


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 11-02-2009

For those that are interested, Francois Degrelle is celebrating the three years anniversary of the PJC/Javabeans depot. Here is a link to the announcement.

There are already a number of submissions and it seems the winner will be hard to determine :) given the innovative ways those beans use Oracle Forms.

Oracle Forms and Javascript, how to marry them ?


Posted by Hafed | Posted in oracle | Posted on 11-02-2009

For quite some time, I was trying to figure out a way to get Javascript to work within Oracle Forms.  As usual, I use the common denominator as far as the runtime is concerned and that is JInitiator.

While that seems to be near impossible, I guess that with JAVA everything should be possible. So, after a quick search for an easy bridge, I came across the Mozilla Rhino project available here.

Here is an excerpt from the Mozilla website: “Rhino is an open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java. It is typically embedded into Java applications to provide scripting to end users.”

That says it all.  I think I need to try out Rhino and see what it can do for Oracle Forms.

Google Static Map javabean with Forms 10g: new improvements


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 11-02-2009

A number of users asked whether the bean can be improved in order to have the same feature as the full fledge google map.

The answer is Yes. I already tried the zoom and pan controls to the Google static map. However, my time now is being spent on completing the HTML rich text editor and I really can’t deliver the Google map bean without extensive testing.

This is the planned schedule for the coming days (note to myself :) of course):

  • Complete and release the HTML rich text editor. This one is in the hands of the beta-testers. It should be available very soon.
  • Translate the SMS article to English.
  • Test and release the Google static map with zoom and pan controls.

Forms HTML Editor- Update


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle, PJCs/Javabeans | Posted on 04-02-2009

I have completed the development and testing phases for the Oracle Forms HTML editor. Most of the features I mentioned before are now in the editor.

Based on some suggestions, the editor is now officially named FRITE  (pronounced like Freet).

Before I release it in the wild, I am looking for 5 or 10 beta-testers . You will get the JAR file, developer’s guide and user’s guide. You will receive the material Friday Feb 06, 09 and should send back your feedback by Monday Feb 09, 09 midnight EST.  I understand that most do not work week-ends but at least you’ll have monday to get FRITE through its paces.

Please send an email to info [at] degenio.com with your name and email address.


Update: Friday Feb 6,09. Beta-testing will start on Monday Feb 9,09.