ERP implementations


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Other tools | Posted on 20-10-2006

For the last 4 months, I have been deeply involved with an ERP implementation.
It started with a request for a billing system that a large customer wanted to have.

After I researched the market and given that there was a justification for an open source solution, I selected the leading packages ERP5, Compiere, OfBiz and Openbravo.

A detailed examination of the features, actual and proposed, was done during the summer. What I found out is that a number of claims are put forth on the websites and the accompanying brochures.

However, when you start testing real world scenarios, you find some really nasty surprises. As I always advise my friends, it is best to check carefully the claims that the developers make before making a firm commitment.

While I am not going to put forward the study here on this blog, let me just say that Openbravo seems to be the most promising, least because of its open architecture and its elegant handling of the PDFs (documents that you will need to print sooner or later such as invoices, Purchase orders, etc).

Its web interface, while well laid out is easily modified and any competent web developer can add extra UI stuff to the existing one.

Some important features are missing in Openbravo but the WAD put forth by the Openbravo team helps a lot in adding any new functionality.

Database can be either Oracle or Postgres. For the time being, I tested both but the actual production system will run on Postgres. How that will work out is open at the present time.

Needless to say, I learned a number of key things during the course of this project. The next stage will be to turn this into a production system and see how it will perform.