Java with Oracle Forms 10g- Sending SMS messages


Posted by Hafed | Posted in Forms, oracle | Posted on 11-01-2009

One of the ways to extend Oracle Forms 9i-10g is with the use of JAVA. However, a number of Forms developers can’t seem to come to terms with JAVA and are unaware of the possibilities they have with the combination Oracle Forms-JAVA.

I recently was about to give a presentation on JAVA for PL/SQL developers (similar to the one by Peter Koletzki), Anatomy of a PJC/Javabeans and JAVA in the Oracle Forms architecture. I thought then about putting together a tutorial so that someone familiar with Oracle Forms can rapidly grasp the basics of using Forms with JAVA.

Here is an example that shows how to send SMS messages through a Forms module. This follows the tutorial on OTN (

My objective here is to go over the OTN tutorial and show exactly why we are using one approach, namely using JAVA on the application server side, instead of the client side or the DB side.

I have to add that I ran into configuration issues that dealt mostly with classpath problems. In order to use the external SMS web services, there are a number of JDeveloper classes that need to be in the classpath when making calls through the Forms module. I show that in the tutorial.

Another approach, based on a stored PL/SQL procedure, was also used to demonstrate that we can also send SMS messages quite simply without any JAVA. However, the goal of this tutorial is to show how to put in place the bridge that allows a Forms module (PL/SQL wrapping) to use the functionnalities provided by JAVA classes on an application server.

The tutorial is in french and the english version will follow very soon.
Download tutorial envoi_sms_oracle_forms_10g