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Posted by Hafed | Posted in personal | Posted on 31-12-2008

The end of the year 2008 is fast approaching so it is time for me to comment on what happened, good or bad, this last year.

First of all, I participated in a wonderful Oracle migration project which took most of the year to complete. I have been doing quite some programing with Java, Oracle forms and PL/SQL. In addition, I had to fix a number of issues with our application. This blog has been updated quite regularly with the issues and solutions I have put in place. I hope to continue doing that in the coming year.

Quite notably, I was able to design MouliForms and a number of javabeans. It has been an interesting journey and the best part is the team I worked with. They have been very helpful, competent and nice to work with.

The year 2008 started very well as far as I am concerned. I was teaching Oracle Forms and Designer to two groups of extremely talented students. I had fun teaching evenings even though I was also working full time during the day too.

Unfortunately, 2008 ended on a sorry note, at least for now :). Right after getting an excellent evaluation from my students, I was let go as a lecturer.

While I thought this was just a passing annoyance, my contract in my current work got cancelled on christmas eve right before the holidays.

Well, when things start to go wrong, you can’t help it but pause, reflect and then move on. What can you do?

I know things will improve. After the rain, there is always sunshine.

Finally I would like to wish everyone a healthy, joyful and very productive 2009.

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